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Ultraviolet fungicide in beverage machinery use?

1.The importance of ultraviolet fungicide

There is no doubt that water is the blood of a city, the lifeblood of industry, and an important condition for human body to maintain life. The sanitary condition of drinking water directly affects the health of human body. Many diseases can be transmitted by pathogens using water as a medium. After ultraviolet light is irradiated to microorganisms in water for a certain period of time, nucleic acid molecules in nucleoprotein, the main component of life sustaining in bacteria or viruses, will undergo sexual changes due to the large amount of ultraviolet light absorption, thus destroying their physiological activity, so that the energy absorbed by them reaches a lethal amount, and a large number of bacteria will die. The efficiency of UV sterilization is related to its energy, which is generally in the wave

The bactericidal efficiency of UV in the range of 2537A0 to 2650A0 is the highest.

2. Use and scope of use

This equipment is suitable for surface water or groundwater for the water source of factories, organs, troops, schools, hospitals, hotels and all public places, especially for food and beverage machinery industry (soda, cold drinks, wine, mineral water, etc.) disinfection. If the equipment is used and the chroma is lower than 15℃ and the turbidity is lower than 5℃, the above conditions can not be met, the equipment can be used after filtration and precipitation treatment or by reducing the flow rate and increasing the irradiation time can also achieve satisfactory results.

3.Product characteristics

The disinfection effect is good, the speed is fast, the work efficiency is high, the operation is simple, the management is convenient, the safety and reliability, the energy saving, the cost is low, the labor intensity is reduced, the prevention of water-borne diseases is the most effective.

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