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Water Cooled Screw Type Water Chiller

  • Model: SW115SX
  • Cooling capacity: 51000 ~ 194000 Kcal/hr
  • Function: Water cooled screw chiller
Category: Product ID: 2840


  1. Twin screw compressor brand is employed, with high efficiency, low noise level, less wearing and long operation time.
  2. Four stage volume control 0%-100% automatic regulation.
  3. Use PLC microcomputer control from Germany SIEMENS, with LCD touch screen, both English and Chinese human-machine interface.
  4. Complete breakdown protection: high and low pressure protection, air discharage protection, oil level protection, water flow protection, reverse and lack phase protection, chilled water anti-freezing protection, cooling water overtop proteciton.
  5. Wide range of variable chilled water temperature to meet the low temperature industrial requirements.

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